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My name is Patrycia Prato. I'm the creator of @bakingwithpaty & PATY'S BAKERY. I love Baking. Since I was a little girl, I discovered my baking skills. Skills that I owe to my Grandma. She's been teaching baking generation after generation. At the age of 17 I signed-up for baking School.

In order to pay my school I started selling cakes and desserts. Then, baking became my passion and my profession. In 2016 I moved to Panamá, a beautiful country which opened a professional opportunity for me. Unfortunately my baking took the back seat and was kept as just a hobby at home.

In 2019 I moved to New York, the city that never sleeps.

After a year living in the city I got back into baking, and created this new space to share my recipes and passion with you.

Have a look at the work I’ve done in the past, and get in touch to learn more.

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